Releasedatum voor Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

Man the Guns, de nieuwste uitbreiding voor Hearts of Iron IV, heeft een releasedatum gekregen, zijnde 28 februari. Pre-orders zijn vanaf nu beschikbaar voor 19,99 dollar. Man the Guns brengt nieuwe details en gameplaymogelijkheden met zich mee, zoals een nieuwe politieke tree en regeringen in ballingschap.

  • Major Alternate Paths: Revive the Old Confederacy as the United States and provoke a new civil war, or hasten decolonization of the British Empire.
  • Ship Design: Research new components and refit older vessels to take advantage of new knowledge. Outfit your submarines with snorkels or improved stealth.
  • Admiral Traits and Skills – Tailor and level up your Admirals with new traits and skills.
  • Governments in Exile: Welcome a government in exile to your democracy, boosting their legitimacy in return for more manpower and elite troops fighting to free their homeland.
  • Other National Focuses: New national focuses for The Netherlands and Mexico.
  • Naval Mines: Protect your coasts from invasion or assault with anti-ship mines, or clear a path through enemy mines before you make the big push.
  • Shipping route controls – plot new routes for your shipping and navies by marking areas you want to avoid.
  • Naval Treaties: Struggle to keep the peace by following internationally agreed upon rules, or creatively defy the world consensus by exceeding your limits.
  • Amphibious Landing Vehicles: Add power to your beach landing by researching and producing specialized combat vehicles for your marines.
  • New Music: Original music composed specifically for the Man the Guns expansion.


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